Information om Geetas mötet för Assessorer i Pune, december 2015

All of you must have received the message from Kerstin/ Abhijata about the meeting of association representatives/ assessors that Geetaji has called for on December 10 to 12, 2015  and if required on the 13th  too. There would also be a programme on Dec 14.
I am pleased to inform you that Geetaji will also be conducting a special pranayama session from December 1 to 7 [both days inclusive] for all of the people attending this meeting . The details of the fees/ time/ venue would be sent out later.  This is just a preliminary mail to determine the approximate numbers that would be interested in attending this session = as that would help us plan the event.  We would also be taking in other students for this session but the first preference goes to those attending the meeting..
Therefore, I request you to.
1. Send me the names of those interested in attending this session. I do understand that all of you would need to work out your own programmes and schedules and may not be able to commit immediately but if you think you would like to attend the pranayama session – please let me know ASAP.
2. Send us the names and email ids of the representatives who would be attending the meeting.  In case, the association wants anybody else apart from these representatives to be CCEd on correspondence related to the meeting then please send their names too.
3.  Depute one representative from the Association who would be our contact point regarding the pranayama session – who in turn can convey the information about the session to the students in your country and take care of registrations  as and when it is finalized.
Good wishes



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