Brev från Geeta and Prashant

Dear friends and fellow practitioners,

It has been almost a year since our beloved Guruji passed away. He remains in our hearts and continues to guide us along our path.

We are sure you all have many fond memories of Guruji. Some of you may have anecdotes, remembrances, or even lighthearted or humorous incidents with Guruji that you want to relate; or you may have poems or tributes that you have composed; or perhaps you have photographs of Guruji, or pieces of art that you have created. We are planning to put together a memoir to be released on December 14th this year, and we would like to have these for inclusion in the memoir.

Please send in your contributions  to We will try to include as much material as we can, but we may have to limit what we can use for editorial reasons. Please make sure your contributions are in by August 15th, 2015, so that we have enough time to allow for the editing and printing process. Contributions in English, Hindi or Marathi are welcome. If you speak some other language, feel free to send in translations.

Yours affectionately,
Geeta and Prashant



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